Shopping In The Dark : Akna Jewelry

You will probably know about me and my relationship with Instagram, and how I am being especially careful about whom I follow so that I'm only letting good energy into my life...well somehow I managed to stumble across Em and I'm so fucking thankful that I did. Her Instagram is this warren of bewitching and… Continue reading Shopping In The Dark : Akna Jewelry

Sisters Of The Black Moon New Collection

So, if I am being perfectly honest, I didn't really feel much for the last Sisters Of The Black Moon collection. I found much of it a tad, well, unimpressive, and I hate to say this because I do love what the three soul sisters do with their venture. But, they have caught my attention… Continue reading Sisters Of The Black Moon New Collection

Sin Eater : The Hare In The Wheat Pin

I've talked about British artist Sin Eater several times here before - and if you're into folk horror you'll be all too familiar with their olde worlde style - and was looking forward to giving you an immense shop update 'cos it's been a while. But...and unsurprisingly...pretty much EVERYTHING in the store has sold out,… Continue reading Sin Eater : The Hare In The Wheat Pin

The Magnetic Pull Of The Old : Gibbous Fashions

Gibbous Fashions (named so because the creator was born under a waxing gibbous moon) first came across my radar ages ago, and while it's always been stored in the back of my memory box, I've never ventured past the Facebook ads to see what lies beyond. Foolish woman that I am. Well, the day before… Continue reading The Magnetic Pull Of The Old : Gibbous Fashions

Sanctus : New Collection Sciom

I can remember the early days of The Church Of Sanctus, and how I knew from the get go, that it was a dark fashion label that would go from strength to strength...and I wasn't wrong! Much has happened since I interviewed the brainchild behind the label, designer Lucinda Sinclair in 2013 and she has… Continue reading Sanctus : New Collection Sciom

Dress Me In Horror : Part IV

I have been thinking about The Babadook a lot lately...predominately because I have to go into the bowels of the fucking earth to get my bike, and down in the cellar its dark as shit. For reasons unbeknown, I've started to think he's going to turn up at the end of the corridor when I… Continue reading Dress Me In Horror : Part IV

Soul Eater Lips

My relationship with makeup really isn't the best. To be honest, it sucks balls. But I think it might have something to do with the fact that I have a furry face. Not furry as in wolf furry, furry as in ex-anorexic furry. As a result of having a furry face, makeup refuses, and I… Continue reading Soul Eater Lips

Dress Me In Horror : Part III

I have to start getting better prepared for this feature, I really do. I haven't watched any films in the past few weeks...shame on me, I know. If you have some recommendations, do shout! Today it's all about TV horror. I'll be looking again at Penny Dreadful (the costumes in that series are some of… Continue reading Dress Me In Horror : Part III