Shopping In The Dark : Akna Jewelry

You will probably know about me and my relationship with Instagram, and how I am being especially careful about whom I follow so that I’m only letting good energy into my life…well somehow I managed to stumble across Em and I’m so fucking thankful that I did.

Her Instagram is this warren of bewitching and inspiring imagery and video. She looks like the sort of person I would walk up to on the street and say ‘your aura is beautiful and intoxicating…would you like to be friends?’

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Mother Earth, you are so magical. 🌲❤️️

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I quickly discovered that this intriguing woman also makes the most sublime jewellery and dreamcatchers under the name Akna Jewelry from crystals, leather and bone parts as well as materials from Nepal.

Based in Malmö, Sweden Em, started to make jewelry back in 2014…

“It all started when I was on sick leave from my work and I had to fill my everyday life with something new and meaningful. So I started to experiment with jewelry making.

I found it incredibly relaxing and therapeutic and it naturally became a part of my recovery. I continued making jewelry and it has developed a lot under the past years.” – Em

I have had a deep connection with quartz for as long as I can remember, so I was immediately attracted to the raw and smokey quartz offerings. Everything Em has for sale is reasonably priced, and for each piece the craftsmanship looks impeccable. Have a see for yourself and click on the image for more information and to buy.






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