Dress Me In Horror : Part III

I have to start getting better prepared for this feature, I really do. I haven’t watched any films in the past few weeks…shame on me, I know. If you have some recommendations, do shout!

Today it’s all about TV horror. I’ll be looking again at Penny Dreadful (the costumes in that series are some of the best I’ve seen on TV) and American Horror Story – Coven.

Penny Dreadful – Vanessa’s Coat


All the way through Penny Dreadful I was like ‘Vanessa Ives is my spirit animal.’ The amount of times I paused to properly take in her ensembles…they just got everything so right.

Throughout Penny Dreadful we most often see Vanessa in immaculate, intricate black gowns, often crafted from lace and silk. However it’s the less spectacular costumes – such as the one she’s wearing here on the shore for her meeting with her doomed friend Mina – that had me sitting up in my seat, making animalistic sounds of longing.

Get The Look

I knew from the moment I started this piece that I’d be heading over to Sisters of the Black Moon for their Black Skogr Coat.

Made out of 100% cotton, this fucking spectacular maxi coat has an uber dramatic hood, structured shoulders, long fitted point sleeve and an open front.

When worn with plenty of layered skirts underneath – think Strega – I believe the ‘Vanessa meeting Mina beach scene look’ can be more than achievable.

Myrtle Snow’s Execution Dress


While American Horror Story’s most fashionable witch (though that’s debatable…) Myrtle Snow had the tendency to really grind my nerves down – that fucking voice – I really appreciated the dress she wore to be burned at the stake…the first time.

I know I’m going against the grain here with the white and everything, it isn’t my style to do so…but on this occasion I just can’t help myself. I’m fucking besotted with the rusticness of her burning outfit. It has true witchy vibes going on, and by that I mean it looks just like the sort of outfit a witch would have worn to be burned at the stake in the Middle Ages.

Get The Look

While we don’t have the length with this Open Shoulder Paper Bag Tunic from Nuit, we do get the amazing sleeves and that gorgeous neckline.

Handmade in Toronto, this 100% cotton linen piece has an elasticized paperbag collar and subtle bell sleeves. It’s semi lined at bust and has a rustic raw hem.

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