Sisters Of The Black Moon New Collection

So, if I am being perfectly honest, I didn’t really feel much for the last Sisters Of The Black Moon collection. I found much of it a tad, well, unimpressive, and I hate to say this because I do love what the three soul sisters do with their venture.

But, they have caught my attention good and proper with the release of their latest dark fashion offerings  – which were revealed yesterday – and I’m finding myself fawning over pretty much everything. Here’s a few of the pieces that I’ll be launching myself on if I find myself suddenly coming into some money.

Nettle Skirt / $258.00


Clover Top / $136.00


Ivy Top / $128.00


Fluir Linen Skirt / $228.00


Zinnia Dress / $258.00


Amarylis Dress / $248.00


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