Sin Eater : The Hare In The Wheat Pin

I've talked about British artist Sin Eater several times here before - and if you're into folk horror you'll be all too familiar with their olde worlde style - and was looking forward to giving you an immense shop update 'cos it's been a while. But...and unsurprisingly...pretty much EVERYTHING in the store has sold out,… Continue reading Sin Eater : The Hare In The Wheat Pin

A Collection Of Wyrd Links

I'm sorry for the silence around here for the past week, it's been...a time. But I've missed it here, I've missed it so bloody much. Every day there's been beautifully weird stuff passing my way and each time I've thought to myself 'I need to post that...' I wanted to share with you links I've… Continue reading A Collection Of Wyrd Links