Soul Eater Lips

My relationship with makeup really isn’t the best. To be honest, it sucks balls. But I think it might have something to do with the fact that I have a furry face. Not furry as in wolf furry, furry as in ex-anorexic furry.

As a result of having a furry face, makeup refuses, and I mean refuses to sit beautifully smooth. (Yes, I did consider getting one of those razors for women, but I think that I have more than enough stubble to deal with on other parts of my body.

Thankfully though, my lips aren’t hairy, and, once I’ve bought the million products I need, I’m going to try and re-create the ‘Soul-Eater’ look by KelseyAnna Fitzpatrick (she’s part of Kat Von D’s artist team) that the alternative world is going fucking mental for right now.


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