Sanctus : New Collection Sciom

I can remember the early days of The Church Of Sanctus, and how I knew from the get go, that it was a dark fashion label that would go from strength to strength…and I wasn’t wrong!

Much has happened since I interviewed the brainchild behind the label, designer Lucinda Sinclair in 2013 and she has released several collections, each unique, each as incomparable as the last.

While it’s been fascinating watching the label shape shift over the years, I’ve always had one favourite product – The Asylum Coat, though I’m unsure if the style with wolf (fake) fur hood will make a comeback, which is pretty devastating.

But today I caught wind of the release of a new collection – Sciom – and I’m hankering after pretty much every piece, though especially the Clandestine Boot Toppers,  Dante’s Inferno Skirt, and the Tectus Scarf – Black. 




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