Blogging In The Dark – It Was Time For A Change

I'm sat here feeling quite sorry for myself. I ate cake when I wasn't hungry and now have horrendous stomach ache. Thing is, it wasn't even a big slice. It was a portion fit for a mouse, so I don't know why my stomach is being such a bitch about it. *Update, my mother thinks… Continue reading Blogging In The Dark – It Was Time For A Change

Fire Found Me – I Blogged For 31 Days

I set myself a challenge at the beginning of January - to blog every single day of the month. And I did. I completed the challenge. Sitting here, writing to you, and telling you about my accomplishment feels fucking brilliant. There were a few days where it was rough going, but mostly, it was a… Continue reading Fire Found Me – I Blogged For 31 Days

Art Of Baba Yaga

Back in the beautiful 90s (yes, I do miss them very much) deep within a tangled wood in a Yorkshire moorland valley, sat Baba Yaga's hut. I was seven when I first learned about it, and I was told, extremely convincingly, that it stood on chicken legs and would wander around at will. I was… Continue reading Art Of Baba Yaga

Sound(s) Of The Day : Cave Mouth

What's this now? A new post? Yes folks, I'm as surprised as you, but here we are. Before I treat (?) you to today's sound(s), I want to raise a cup of tea to Wyrd Words & Effigies sixth year floating in the blogosphere. Seventy-two full moons ago, I wrote the very first of the… Continue reading Sound(s) Of The Day : Cave Mouth

Where To, Hair?

My hair has, for the majority of my 31 years, been my statement piece, my pride and joy, the be all and end all. I've always treated it with respect i.e. not ironing it every day, not using masses of products, not stripping it down. Though I do dye it black and have been doing… Continue reading Where To, Hair?

I Am Going To Be A Mother

I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant with my boyfriend Hravn's baby, and today had my first ultrasound. Up until now, I haven't really been able to believe that there was anything in there, because my stomach is still relatively flat and I've had minimal morning sickness. (Guess I'm one of the really fucking lucky ones, huh?)… Continue reading I Am Going To Be A Mother

How I Plan To Survive On Instagram

I deactivated my Instagram account several days ago with the belief that I was done for good. I was so tired, so, so tired of feeling like shit almost immediately after logging in. I was also tired of the narcissism. Instagram is a breeding place for it. But I'm aware that it was me who was… Continue reading How I Plan To Survive On Instagram

Wyrd Words & Effigies Guide To Autumn Part II : Quotes, Folklore & Superstitions

While winter is my favourite season, autumn is a very close second. When I was a child, and it was time for September to swing around, life would shift into another dimension and I would wake up every day feeling thrilled for what lay ahead. As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to… Continue reading Wyrd Words & Effigies Guide To Autumn Part II : Quotes, Folklore & Superstitions

New Beginnings Aren’t Easy, But Hell, They’re Necessary

It's been hard and heavy the past couple of months. Time - of which I used to have an abundance of - to create is limited, and I've been suffering. When I don't blog, it feels like something integral to my well-being has been cut out of my life. It doesn't feel as though my… Continue reading New Beginnings Aren’t Easy, But Hell, They’re Necessary

Cooking In The Dark : Witch Toast

For someone who eat, sleeps, breathes black, I shouldn’t have, in theory, fallen madly, deeply in love with Mermaid Toast . But I did. The Insta-toast-artisans captured what looked like the Aurora Borealis in cream cheese. Of course I was going to be impressed. But naturally, I needed to go against the grain, and I… Continue reading Cooking In The Dark : Witch Toast