How I Plan To Survive On Instagram

I deactivated my Instagram account several days ago with the belief that I was done for good. I was so tired, so, so tired of feeling like shit almost immediately after logging in. I was also tired of the narcissism. Instagram is a breeding place for it.

But I’m aware that it was me who was making me feel like shit. You see, I had this terrible habit. This habit which I think is really easy for many of us to fall into, especially those of us with quite low self-esteem…

…a habit of continuing to look, day after day, at profiles which contributed to my depression, and made me do nothing but belittle myself. The belittling came in many forms, from the ridiculous to the tragic. But as I said, the pain was of my own making. I was the one looking at the images, no one was making me. But it was toxic, friends, toxic. A terrible addiction and I needed to quit it.

Today I made the decision to put it up again, the account that I had come to despise. Because I know there’s decent, like-minded souls out there, who aren’t so interested in pouting into the camera on a live video or doing everything for the sex appeal.

I knew that if I continued with my old behaviour, it would only worsen my mental health. So for my sanity, I intend to just give my time to people whose art I find enriching. People who write important things and make me think in new patterns. People who live lives that I can be inspired by in deep and meaningful ways.

I will ONLY look at profiles which made me feel happy to be existing. Profiles which don’t make me look at myself in disgust, or shame myself or feel nothing but hatred.

If you are finding yourself in something like the same situation as I was in, I suggest you stop looking at/following those profiles which make you feel like a lesser human being right now. It’s not easy, you’ll probably relapse a few times, but persevere and it will be worth it. My head already feels lighter.

To round off, I want to share with you some of the profiles which inspire, and evoke nothing but good feelings in me. These woman make Instagram feel like somewhere I can be spiritually happy and creatively influenced.

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It's New Moon tonight! 🌑 And it's intense. I can feel Autumn in the air, I can smell the Earth. It makes me happy, it gives me a very cozy and sparkly feeling. Also the urge to clean, to hide, to read and to be alone are quite strong suddenly. Oh what the Wheel, the Seasons, the Moon Cycles and Tides can do to me! I love that rhythm and I love to flow with it. . Still a lot is moving, a lot of plans coming together, events and projects at their peek or toward the end goal. I've learned that it's the process that matters most, the hów you get there, the every day life. The more I experience that, the happier I am and the more I am aware of how much I love my work. ❤ . So it's not time for hibernation yet! Though Harvest is here, there's still work to be done. To name a few: First of all the Viking Festival in Archeon is this week! You can find Thomas, Wolf, Sarah and me in our shop from Wednesday 🙂 . Also, next to commissioned work and my own Collections, I've begun working on my new website. There is also an amazing interview coming up! A collaboration magazine is taking form. Our annual road trip through Europe is in sight. And I'll have a second exhibition of my work this year! My goodness, I very much look forward to it all! . And I very much will take it step by step. 🙂 . BLESSED NEW MOON and may the New Cycle bring wisdom as well as joy! #woolwitch #dajanaheremic #newmoon #mooncycle #blackmoon #candlelitnight #disir #harvest #solstice #norn #fates #occult #folk #wheeloftheyear #sorceress #priestess #mistsofavalon #feltedcollar #wildwool #wildwoman #autumn

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Our first gathering at the croft. 💛

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2 thoughts on “How I Plan To Survive On Instagram”

  1. Thank you so much for recommending me! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy my photos. And I just want to say I struggle with the same thoughts. Instagram can be both inspiring and demotivating, because like you say, sometimes it feels like everyone else is doing it so much better. It’s all about finding a balance I guess, not letting it take up too much of my time and thoughts.
    Also, I really enjoy reading your blogs, keep up the good work!🖤

    1. Thank YOU for doing what you do! ❤ Your imagery has the most calming influence on me, it's exactly what my soul needs. Especially at challenging times such as this. I'm hoping to find that balance…I'll be striving for it. Thank you too for the kind words about my blogs. Means everything. 🙂 ❤

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