Where To, Hair?

My hair has, for the majority of my 31 years, been my statement piece, my pride and joy, the be all and end all. I’ve always treated it with respect i.e. not ironing it every day, not using masses of products, not stripping it down. Though I do dye it black and have been doing so since I was 16, I do it only once every few months.

My hair has acted as my safety blanket and my armour. While I’ve had a few ventures to the short side (which didn’t go down all that well) my hair has been, predominately, waist length or longer. It’s where I’ve felt safest, it’s where I’ve felt strongest. I’ve never had a massively dramatic, life-altering hair cut by a hairdresser who actually knows how to cut for my face shape, and there are moments when I crave one…

Especially because, having long, straight hair has (I’ve come to realise in recent years, when I’ve become more self – conscious of how I look when I leave the house – thank you very much anxiety) its downsides…the major one for me being ‘flat hair on top.’ And I’m getting sick to fucking death of it.

I’ve tried countless things to try and get some volume pumped into my locks, but nothing works. They always straighten themselves out and fall flat again after a few minutes. I supposed its because there’s such a weight behind them.

I’m growing my hair out right now it’s nearly to my waist – and had convinced myself that no cutting would ever take place again, and that I’d learn to deal with the ‘flat on top’ issue in time. But then, then I saw a photograph of Emmylou Harris and I was like THAT HAIR. I WANT THAT HAIR!


Yes, this length and that colour. I thought, quite seriously, ‘right, I’m cutting it off to where my roots are and growing it out so I can have THIS.’ I started to come to terms with the fact that it was time – again – to try and leave my security blanket behind and adopt another kind of armour.

But after a few days, I started thinking, ‘but really?’ Why not put some layers into the length you have now and see if that will work for your volume.’

I put my silvery Emmylou dream on a back burner, and started to look for hair inspiration for locks of my own length.

I’ve come to the decision that if the long layers isn’t for me, I can always take the plunge and go for the really short style…I mean, it always grows back anyway…

*Images sourced from Pinterest.



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