Dark Art & Creative Writing To Help You Bid Farewell To October

The few days after October are never easy. It seems that every year I sit and fret for hours about all the things I wish I'd done...all the leaves I should have collected and made into garlands, all the pies I should have baked with pumpkin flesh, all the conkers I should have brought in… Continue reading Dark Art & Creative Writing To Help You Bid Farewell To October

Wyrd Words & Effigies Magazine : 5 Days Left To Submit

Folks, please make an old woman happy and submit art work or writing OR both for the relaunch issue of Wyrd Words And Effigies magazine!!! You have 7 days left to submit. I want to build this up to be the premier dark arts and literary mag out there...

15 Days Left To Submit To The Magazine

If you're interested in appearing in Issue 2 of Wyrd Words & Effigies Magazine (the first issue can be found here) please don't wait to long to submit your art or creative writing, as the deadline closes on the 15th of September. If you need more information, creep on over to the submissions page. If… Continue reading 15 Days Left To Submit To The Magazine

New Beginnings Aren’t Easy, But Hell, They’re Necessary

It's been hard and heavy the past couple of months. Time - of which I used to have an abundance of - to create is limited, and I've been suffering. When I don't blog, it feels like something integral to my well-being has been cut out of my life. It doesn't feel as though my… Continue reading New Beginnings Aren’t Easy, But Hell, They’re Necessary

Are You Doing Anything Tonight?

Do you have plans for tonight? No? Then why not have a browse of the first issue of Wyrd Words & Effigies? Weighing in at 100 pages, it's an entirely free download that you can read at your own leisure. This first issues explores death, and includes an interview with funeral director Sarah Wambold, folk… Continue reading Are You Doing Anything Tonight?