Sound(s) Of The Day : Cave Mouth

What’s this now? A new post? Yes folks, I’m as surprised as you, but here we are. Before I treat (?) you to today’s sound(s), I want to raise a cup of tea to Wyrd Words & Effigies sixth year floating in the blogosphere. Seventy-two full moons ago, I wrote the very first of the 1,851 posts that you can find stored in the archives.

Now, as it’s a special occasion, I thought I’d share some Sound(s) Of The Day instead of the usual ‘here’s one sound for ya…’ post that I normally do. And I thought to make things extra special, the sounds I’d share would be the ones from Cave Mouth, my latest collaborative venture with Meghan Wood, the shaman behind Crown of Asteria. It’s a dark folk/dark ambient/cinematic project that is:

…as haunting as it is beautiful, minimalist as it is epic. Where literary musings meet a visceral soundscape invoking mythic visions and heartfelt fables.

If you like what you hear, you can find and follow us on Bandcamp,   Instagram and YouTube. (Our music will be available for streaming really soon!) If you think what we’re making is decent, please do let us know. We’re wolf hungry for feedback! Also, if you would like a deeper insight into the creation and evolution of Cave Mouth, you can find it here.

4 thoughts on “Sound(s) Of The Day : Cave Mouth”

  1. You have me entranced. I may be old enough to be your mother, even your grandmother, but I am hooked.
    I have followed you on Bandcamp. I wish I could have given you more, but…
    the tightlaced anarchist.

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