The Wyrd Sounds Of January

There was a point last year where I thought I'd probably never be able to listen to music again. It was the bleakest of times. So I made up for it in January and listened to as much as I could. I'd say I listened to more music in that month than I listened to… Continue reading The Wyrd Sounds Of January

The Release Day Of HEX

Today has been one of those days where I've been scanning the horizon, looking for someone to come kill me. Nobody came, which is a good thing because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to experience this deep sense of pride for the release of Cave Mouth's debut album HEX. For those of you not… Continue reading The Release Day Of HEX

Sound(s) Of The Day : Cave Mouth

What's this now? A new post? Yes folks, I'm as surprised as you, but here we are. Before I treat (?) you to today's sound(s), I want to raise a cup of tea to Wyrd Words & Effigies sixth year floating in the blogosphere. Seventy-two full moons ago, I wrote the very first of the… Continue reading Sound(s) Of The Day : Cave Mouth

Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

Belgrade based dark ambient project Paleowolf has been my sound of the day several times before, and for good reason - the music crafted is sonic perfection. This morning I stumbled across Megafauna Rituals, the project's 4th full-length album, and it's providing the soundtrack to my entire wednesday. How there can be just one man… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

Sound Of The Day : The Moon Lay Hidden Behind A Cloud

Austrian dark ambient due The Moon Lay Hidden Behind A Cloud is a project which I can recall sneaked into my life at some time or other, but was sadly forgotten about...until today. I'm working my way through all of their stuff and am currently infatuated with the following track from their 1994 album Amara… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : The Moon Lay Hidden Behind A Cloud