Blogging In The Dark – It Was Time For A Change

I’m sat here feeling quite sorry for myself. I ate cake when I wasn’t hungry and now have horrendous stomach ache. Thing is, it wasn’t even a big slice. It was a portion fit for a mouse, so I don’t know why my stomach is being such a bitch about it. *Update, my mother thinks she might have overdone it with the bicarbonate of soda.*

Because I’m in such a grump, I don’t feel like blogging tonight, but I have this paranoia that if I don’t, I’ll be stripped of my ability to write. (My emotions about the two years I spent without my creativity are still extremely raw and it’s terribly easy to have such dire imaginings.)

Anyway, my bed is whispering: ‘Come to me. Bring a hot water bottle, a book and some tea and everything will be alright…’ But before I give myself over to it, I wanted to let you know about the few changes that have gone on around here and what prompted me to make them.

I’ve been meaning to do some re-decorating for ages, but I kept putting it off and putting it off and putting it off. I felt under pressure to write a new ‘About Me.’ It might be a bit weird, coming from someone who writes about themselves all the fucking time, but composing an ‘About Me’ is hard. I don’t find it enjoyable in the slightest. So I pretty much kept it as it was. It says what it needs to say and that’s good enough.

I was also a bit reluctant to make a new logo. Mar a few weeks here and there trying out new designs over the years, I’ve had the same logo since WW&E launched in 2013, and it’s served me well. Now, I say I was reluctant to make a new one…I actually do enjoy the process of gathering inspiration and experimenting with designing, but, when it comes to choosing the final product – I chose the one you’re looking at from a batch of twelve – it’s a god damn nightmare. I’m the worst when it comes to decision making, and the fact it took me a matter of hours to decide on this one is nothing short of a miracle.

What helped me pull myself together and get the hell on with sprucing up the place was my friend Sarah. I was on her blog Unquiet Things and noticed that she’d made some beautiful changes to her space in the blogosphere. I thought, ‘right Katie, get your act together now and get yours sorted.’

I’ve done some de-cluttering here and there i.e. I got rid of some redundant categories and thinned down the items on my menu, but I have plans to add a few – just a few, because I like having an uncluttered space – knick-knacks to hopefully improve your reading experience. And…I wanted to ask your opinion. Is there anything you think I could feature that would better the time you spend here? Oh, and while we’re on the subject, is there’s anything in particular you’d like me to write more about? Please do let me know!

What I Was Listening To While Writing This Post

2 thoughts on “Blogging In The Dark – It Was Time For A Change”

  1. I love the new logo, well done! And writing an ABOUT ME *is* hard–it’s awful, as a matter of fact. That is a task that I always wish I could farm out because we are so damn hard on ourselves and we see all of our faults and flaws and just pick ourselves apart, trying to locate even one kernel of something good to say. Our friends and those who love us see the entire package and the whole of our parts and they usually have pretty great things to say, so…let’s make them write our About Us, next time!

    1. Thank you lovely!!! 🙂 You’ve hit the nail on the head there with regards to us being WAY too hard on ourselves. I think outsourcing it to a friend is an excellent idea! I’m most definitely going to try that. x

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