Intriguing Instas : The VVitch

After the popularity of my last Instagram series, The Witches & Wraiths of Instagram, I decided to start Intriguing Instas, a new, regular series with a broader focus.

Funnily enough though, this first post is dedicated to witchcraft…what are the chances of that happening?!

Since watching The VVitch last month, my senses have been turned into logging everything I encounter that’s associated with it. Just imagine the electrifying thrill that ran up my spine when I landed upon @thewitch movie on Instagram.

Now, while there’s not all that much happening on the account, I recommend following along because the beautifully horrifying posts already featured (including work from the phenomenally talented Bill Crisafi) can promise that whatever is uploaded in the future will be worth your attention.

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#TheWitchMovie – In Theaters Nationwide 2/19

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