Sound Of The Day : Chelsea Wolfe

The Queen of the dark Chelsea Wolfe is on fire with the track 16 Psyche taken from her upcoming album Hiss Spun. If I’m being dead honest with you, this is one of my all-time favourite offerings from the Wolfe.

The name “16 Psyche” conjures up images of a dusty bar, replete with spirits and spectres. But it’s an asteroid — the 16th one to ever be discovered, in fact — named after the goddess of the soul in Greek mythology. Recently, the celestial 16 Psyche has been in the headlines because of an impending mission in the 2020s to go explore the asteroid, which also bears the curious distinction of being the first scientists will visit that’s made almost entirely of metal. – NPR Music

The great Bill Crisafi and Wolfe teamed up to conjure one of her strongest yet album covers. You still have a bit of a wait for Hiss Spun though, as its due for release on the 22nd of September.


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