Some Things That Have Been Bringing Me Joy

Something I've really started to pay more attention to this year is the small things that bring me joy. And I thought that sharing a few examples of what's been making me happy these past few days would be a restful - yet still hopefully inspiring - way to wind down this hectic (but positive… Continue reading Some Things That Have Been Bringing Me Joy

Some Of The Art I Encountered In 2020

I will probably spend a few more days posting about 2020. I hope you don't mind. I didn't encounter much art in 2020 thanks to depression clouding nearly every one of my days, making it impossible for me to see, hear or feel anything. The art that did find its way through and into my… Continue reading Some Of The Art I Encountered In 2020

Halloween On Instagram 2018

Halloween was pretty much cancelled for me this year. (You can read about it here if you like.) But the day after I did find the energy to appreciate some of what the folks I follow on Instagram had to offer.