Can You Pass Me The Vlad The Impaler Wrapping Paper?

You have to see it to believe it really. I know part of me thinks that if I ordered some of THE BEST WRAPPING PAPER IN THE WORLD that I'd get some blank sheets of printing paper through the post, scrawled with the words 'fooled you! It doesn't really exist!' But I for one am… Continue reading Can You Pass Me The Vlad The Impaler Wrapping Paper?

Anatomical Crockery

If I had some spare cash floating around, I'd stock up on this anatomical crockery for 'the bottom drawer.'  Nothing says 'I'm weird and proud of it' better than plates and cups decorated with bones and body parts. Get these beauties from the oddly titled Folded Pigs - re-purposed restaurant ware.

Chocolate Baby Heads And Abdominal Surgery Cakes

Made out of chocolate... Another chocolate delight What sort of cake do you want for your birthday? Oh, I'll just have an abdominal surgery cake with the truffle intestines thanks Mum. Chocolate baby heads Marshmallow brain Anabelle de Vetten of The Conjurer's Kitchen is one of a kind. It's not every day that you happen… Continue reading Chocolate Baby Heads And Abdominal Surgery Cakes

The Morbid Anatomy Museum

Tonight (US time) something dark and wonderful will open in Brooklyn, New York City. The Morbid Anatomy Museum includes a library, a classroom, cafe, gift shop and gallery for temporary exhibitions. The exhibition they're opening with tonight is entitled 'The Art of Mourning.' My heart jumps just thinking of all the gloriously morbid artifacts and images… Continue reading The Morbid Anatomy Museum