Ice Skulls

There's a lot of people making food stuffs in the shape of skulls nowadays. I've seen (actual) sugar skulls and chocolate skulls and jelly sweet skulls and cake skulls and skulls made out of bread...I could go on. People are getting all the more inventive with ways in which they can bring the macabre into… Continue reading Ice Skulls

Chocolate Baby Heads And Abdominal Surgery Cakes

Made out of chocolate... Another chocolate delight What sort of cake do you want for your birthday? Oh, I'll just have an abdominal surgery cake with the truffle intestines thanks Mum. Chocolate baby heads Marshmallow brain Anabelle de Vetten of The Conjurer's Kitchen is one of a kind. It's not every day that you happen… Continue reading Chocolate Baby Heads And Abdominal Surgery Cakes