365 Days Of Dark Art : 66 / Kendra Haste

Despite not being a dark artist in practice, Kendra Haste's work with galvanized wire greatly appeals to me, and will, I believe touch something in you too. Her timber wolf sculpture is the first piece that I ever saw from her vast collection of works, and I was immediately floored by its uniqueness, power and… Continue reading 365 Days Of Dark Art : 66 / Kendra Haste

365 Days Of Dark Art : 38 / JAVIER PÉREZ

I feel invigorated and inspired by the sculptural work of multi talented Javier Pérez, an artist based in Barcelona. However, I know next to nothing about this master of sculpture, so I'll let his words do the talking instead. “I like dealing with points of encounter between spirit and flesh, between purity and impurity, between… Continue reading 365 Days Of Dark Art : 38 / JAVIER PÉREZ

365 Days Of Dark Art : 9 / Chris Andrews

The fantastically frightening handmade dolls from American artist Chris Andrews appeared in my life last night...and I had to hold myself back from posting about them immediately. Using materials such as polymer clay, fur and wire, Chris crafts the kind of dolls that would terrorize your every waking moment, let alone your sleep. And the… Continue reading 365 Days Of Dark Art : 9 / Chris Andrews

365 Days Of Dark Art : 1 / Horka Dolls

Welcome to 2016 and to a new series which, as you've seen in the title, is going to last for the rest of the year. For my first dark artist entry, I'll be focusing my attention on the extraordinarily eerie art dolls conjured up out of magic and porcelain by Polish artist Klaudia Gaugier AKA… Continue reading 365 Days Of Dark Art : 1 / Horka Dolls

Cameron Stalheim

The latest artist I'm obsessing over is Cameron Stalheim. His Myth As Object project has blown my fucking mind. I've never seen anything like his mythical merman. Stalheim cast gay porn star Colby Keller's body in silicone to create his otherworldly sculpture and states: I am questioning how people interact. Has sexuality become the basis… Continue reading Cameron Stalheim