Words On Anneliese Michel

It takes a lot to scare me, ok? But last night, when I was working on an article about possessed kids, I found myself too fucking terrified to finish what I was doing. I needed to put my laptop down and fucking burn it into bed. I didn't even switch off the lights, brush my… Continue reading Words On Anneliese Michel

Visual Subsistence For Dark Souls

Wyrd Words & Effigies Magazine Issue 2 is on the way. To get an idea of what the magazine is all about, have a watch of the promo video for the first issue, then download the magazine for free. The first issue's theme of death and dying should satisfy your most morbid curiosities.This is visual… Continue reading Visual Subsistence For Dark Souls

The Long Stillness

I picked up 100 copies of my fourth poetry collection The Long Stillness today. It's beautiful and I'm incredibly proud. This collection was initially published online in 2013 and this is the first time it's been in print. A young woman pulls on her wolf skin so she can bring down an elk. The sudden… Continue reading The Long Stillness

At The Hour Of Our Death

Photographer Sarah Sudhoff has, with her latest series of photographs, captured body fluid stains created by the passing of human life.The stained fabrics which she has photographed include bedding, carpet and upholstery. The causes of death and ages of the deceased vary substantially, and include a 60 year old woman who died form a heart… Continue reading At The Hour Of Our Death

Crimson Hollow

Do you ever find Etsy stores which have so much stuff that you feel overwhelmed, yet simultaneously eager to discover everything they have to offer? Well, that's how I felt when I encountered Crimson Hollow. Mum and daughter team Shelly and Emily make up Crimson Hollow and provide beautiful, unique and very affordable hand stamped… Continue reading Crimson Hollow

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

I first stumbled upon The Order Of The Good Death when I was creating the first issue of Wyrd Words & Effigies Magazine earlier on in the year, and I've been popping back ever since. To discover that its founder the wonderful and beautiful and funny Caitlin Doughty had published a book was extremely exciting,… Continue reading Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Arctic Blue

A  flash fiction piece from my upcoming book 'In the hours of Darkness - writings about death and dying.' Arctic Blue I feed you a handful of pancakes and kiss the white, silky top of your head, while you carefully munch. The pancakes are soft, they have to be, and you make so little noise.… Continue reading Arctic Blue