Can You Pass Me The Vlad The Impaler Wrapping Paper?

You have to see it to believe it really. I know part of me thinks that if I ordered some of THE BEST WRAPPING PAPER IN THE WORLD that I’d get some blank sheets of printing paper through the post, scrawled with the words ‘fooled you! It doesn’t really exist!’ But I for one am willing to take this risk, in order to potentially wrap Yuletide gifts in some Vlad the Impaler wrapping paper. If you want to get your claws on some, head to Marquise de Montespan.

il_570xN.532968870_7lop il_570xN.532978888_daxd il_570xN.272949842 il_570xN.361939444_8vgb il_570xN.361957177_6r4o


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