June (and some of July’s) Self-Portraits

I was supposed to be sharing self-portraits just from June, but ended up with some of July’s in the June’s Portraits folder and I’m too knackered to take them out now, so you’re getting some of July’s creations too. And before you scream in the comments, yes, I’m very much aware that the bone in the first few images looks like an erect penis. It only dawned on my when I got home from the woods and edited the photos. Too much effort went into the shoot to do away with the pictures.

Had some of those terrifying ‘I’ll never make another good photo again’ moments in June, but stuck two fingers up and soldiered on. I’m a bit behind in with July’s portraits because, life, but tomorrow will hopefully birth new imagery worthy of a whispered ‘what the actual fuck?’

P.S. Click on little images if you want to see the full photos. Some of them have been slightly cropped.

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