Intriguing Instagrammers : Seven Mile Mountain

Seven Mile Mountain is something which I’ve kept in mind ever since WW&E went on a hiatus. I knew that it would be one of the very first things I’d write about when I made my return.

The brainchild of the mysterious Sara Larocca-Ramm (who I happened to interview eons ago…), one third of Sisters of the Black Moon, and the enigmatic Stormvild AKA Linnéa Wilhelmsson, Seven Mile Mountain is an eclectic boutique offering ‘vintage garments and home wares inspired by the Swedish countryside.’

I’m not ashamed to admit I have an addiction to this page. I mean, I probably check it several times a day to see what’s going on, and if I’ve missed anything. Each photo captured is a piece of achingly gorgeous art. The shots themselves – the angles, the lighting – are just as mesmerizing as the clothes they’re selling.

While there’s not a terrific amount of images up yet – 56 at the moment – I’m forever skimming back through them simply to admire. Just like the Swedish countryside, this page has a calm air about it, a tranquility which is rare to find on the internet.

Each item has been hand selected, and the prices vary. Most pieces are snapped up uber quick, so if you see something you like, and it hasn’t already been sold, be sure to put a word in fast.

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