100 Days Of Blogging #13 – I Was Up At 5.30Am To Shoot My Friend

The last time I was up at such a cruel hour was when I waited overnight at Manchester Airport for a flight to Iceland. It was the same as before that…and the time before that. (Hell, EasyJet, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR GODDAMN FLIGHT TIMES. I can't while away another night in the bleakest airport ever built.)… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #13 – I Was Up At 5.30Am To Shoot My Friend

Intriguing Instas : Hord

For this second post in my new Instagram series, I want to focus on, and celebrate  Hord an account which brings memories of my Yorkshire homeland back to me in droves. "BORN IN THE BLEAK, ROLLING MOORS OF YORKSHIRE, HÔRD ECHOES THE COLD, BRAZEN LANDSCAPE AND COMBINES IT WITH THE WARMTH AND WELCOMING FEEL OF… Continue reading Intriguing Instas : Hord

Review & Interview: The City Fox Literary E-Zine

When I first heard about The City Fox literary e-zine, I felt my face work its way into that special Joker-esque grin I do when something excites me. ‘...specializing in the publication of dark, flora and fauna inspired poetry, prose and artwork....’ Oh yes, oh yes!   I thought it would be interesting to hear… Continue reading Review & Interview: The City Fox Literary E-Zine