Support The Dark Arts

October is literally panting on the doorstep and clawing to be let in…and are you ready for it? How about investing in a dark, and obscure tote bag ready to stuff with Halloween goodness…as well as the bread, milk and sugar?

And a spiral notebook to carry in your bag at all times, ready for all those innovative ideas that October always arrives with? (Autumn is usually one of the most creative months for me…)

And what about a really fucking strange mug, that will make getting a cuppa that bit more magical?

Well, at the moment you can get 25% off ALL tote bags, spiral notebooks and mugs in my Redbubble shop. The offer doesn’t last long though, 24 hours I believe. All you need to do is use the code: BAGBOOKMUG

I create art that I’d want to see myself, so here are some of the totes, notebooks and mugs that I’d choose…click on the images to buy!










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