100 Days Of Blogging #10 – A Moor Of Her Own

I went up into the hills today. It was unseasonably sunny, so not ideal photo weather…but I was feeling inspired as fuck and couldn’t stay inside. I was expecting to see HORDES of walkers on my wanderings because of the summer-like weather in winter. But, to my absolute delight, I saw not a soul. It… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #10 – A Moor Of Her Own

June (and some of July’s) Self-Portraits

I was supposed to be sharing self-portraits just from June, but ended up with some of July's in the June's Portraits folder and I'm too knackered to take them out now, so you're getting some of July's creations too. And before you scream in the comments, yes, I'm very much aware that the bone in… Continue reading June (and some of July’s) Self-Portraits