My Favourite Books From 2021 – Part Three

Ah fuck. I started this entry much later than I initially planned. I have a good excuse, though. I've been working on my Year Compass for most of the day and was determined to get it completed. Curious? You can download your Year Compass here. It'll be beneficial if you're still unsure about what you… Continue reading My Favourite Books From 2021 – Part Three

I Need To Do This. I Have To. I Can’t Not. – Things From The Pages Of My Notebook

This isn’t as much of a beast as last week’s Things From The Pages Of My Notebook post you'll probably be relieved to know, predominantly because I’ve just given you bits from a one notebook instead of three. I hope there’s something of worth here for you to take away. What I Want To Achieve… Continue reading I Need To Do This. I Have To. I Can’t Not. – Things From The Pages Of My Notebook

Reading In The Dark : The Terror

If I don't like a book, I tend to quietly close it and never mention it again. I don't usually go public with my disappointment. But, on this occasion, I felt it was important to share my grief. Because that's really what I'm feeling today, a whole load of grief and disappointment. I was waiting… Continue reading Reading In The Dark : The Terror

Becoming Dangerous : A Book About Ritual And Resistance

I received word this morning about a forthcoming book. A very fucking important forthcoming book - Becoming Dangerous : A Book About Ritual And Resistance. I swiftly went to investigate - meant I was late for work, but it didn't mater though because books are everything - and it immediately dawned on me that Becoming… Continue reading Becoming Dangerous : A Book About Ritual And Resistance

Writing In The Dark : 3 Prompts For Short Stories

I am reading a lot of short stories right now...but the majority I'm abandoning half-way through because they're not satisfying me enough. Nowhere near in fact. And it's really bloody disappointing. A good, strong, memorable (ideally terrifying) short story can be as nourishing as a hot meal after a hard day. Dissatisfied with my reading… Continue reading Writing In The Dark : 3 Prompts For Short Stories

Blogging In The Dark : Grimoire

Okay, so while Grimoire isn't necessarily a blog per se, I want to include it here anyway because it's one of the best things I've seen all week and it deserves to be furiously blogged about. I stumbled across it entirely by accident, like with most things of this ilk. It was another occasion where… Continue reading Blogging In The Dark : Grimoire

Review : The Ghastling – Book One

Now, where did I first see The Ghastling...I think it was over on Instagram but I can't exactly be sure. All I know is that suddenly it was in my life, and I burnt my fingers typing in my bank account details to purchase the first book in the five book series. I had a… Continue reading Review : The Ghastling – Book One

Dracula Redesigned

Dracula (I'm talking about the book here) has received multiple face lifts over the years, but I would have to say that the old book covers are still the most effective. With many modern designs, the story is often lost behind bold coloured, bland graphic design. The old versions seem to retain a certain dark… Continue reading Dracula Redesigned

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

I first stumbled upon The Order Of The Good Death when I was creating the first issue of Wyrd Words & Effigies Magazine earlier on in the year, and I've been popping back ever since. To discover that its founder the wonderful and beautiful and funny Caitlin Doughty had published a book was extremely exciting,… Continue reading Smoke Gets In Your Eyes