Writing In The Dark : 3 Prompts For Short Stories

I am reading a lot of short stories right now…but the majority I’m abandoning half-way through because they’re not satisfying me enough. Nowhere near in fact. And it’s really bloody disappointing.

A good, strong, memorable (ideally terrifying) short story can be as nourishing as a hot meal after a hard day. Dissatisfied with my reading choices, I started thinking ‘okay Katie, you’re wanted to do this several times before…now is the moment that you write that fucking short story collection, you finish it and you bloody well get it published.’

So I’ve been gathering prompts, and thought why not make some of my own and give them to you? Perhaps you’re in the same frame of mind and are currently thinking, ‘you know what? I can do much better.’

I hope these prompts ignite some torches and, please, if you do write anything, I’d love to read it and potentially publish it here.


1. You’re a practising witch who’s belittled and harassed by those around you. Your magick has never harmed anyone, and you’ve never been malicious in any way, shape or form. When you think you’ve had enough and are close to ending it all, you find yourself on a date with the devil.

2. You suffer with Agateophobia – the fear of insanity. Write about a day in your life living with this phobia.

3. You are a ten year old child camping with your parents in a forest in a foreign country. You wake up in the morning to find your parents never came to bed. The campfire is still smouldering but they’re nowhere to be found.

*All images found on Pinterest.

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