I Need To Do This. I Have To. I Can’t Not. – Things From The Pages Of My Notebook

This isn’t as much of a beast as last week’s Things From The Pages Of My Notebook post you’ll probably be relieved to know, predominantly because I’ve just given you bits from a one notebook instead of three. I hope there’s something of worth here for you to take away.

What I Want To Achieve

I want my work to matter, to reach, to last.

Question To Ask Myself 

What am I willing to sacrifice for my work?

Health & Healing

According to Ayurveda, my dosha is Vata and it’s imbalanced. I have dryness in my body and an imbalance in my small intestine, kidneys and liver. Vata is pacified by sweet, sour, salty tastes, and is aggravated by pungent, bitter and astringent tastes.

I should consume more:

  • Pepper
  • Ginger
  • Cardamon
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Miso
  • Kimchi
  • Coconut milk

I should:

  • Avoid raw food, including fruit
  • Avoid white sugar
  • Eat small, regular meals
  • Keep warm

Listen To

Lamia Vox/Alles ist Ufer. Ewig ruft das Meer

Osi and the Jupiter / Appalachia

Isengard / Vårjevndøgn

Tânahanner / And The Sun Saw The Hammer

Dead Sovereign / Alchemical Warefare

Thought-Provoking Quotes 

“Time used to be deeper than this.” – Kyo Maclear

“Faces have a near-unwatchable intimacy, particularly in a world in which everything perishes in the end. It is difficult to look as we choose, without emotional consequence.” – Kyo Maclear

“Make the most of one opportunity and more opportunities will come your way. Moving boldly in one direction causes more paths to unfold before you. To get more, focus on less.” – James Clear

“What we do with our attention, in short, is at the heart of what makes us human.” – Rob Walker

“Literature is writing meant to be read twice.” – Cyril Connolly

“Metal music throws everything at you, and, accordingly, is inspires people to throw everything into life itself, reciprocating that energy in a heavy lifestyle.” – Dan Franklin

“Work cures everything.” – Matisse

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.” – Soren Kierkegaard

“I wither in stagnation and I am energized when I am learning. I will burn myself completely like a good bonfire and leave no trace of myself behind.” – Shunrgu Suzuk

Words From The Perennial Seller By Ryan Holiday

Don’t focus on immediate payoffs and instant gratification.

Promotion is NOT how things are made great.

The WORK is what matters.

To be great, one must make great work, and making great work is incredibly hard. It MUST be our primary focus.

Powerful work is a struggle and it requires great sacrifice.

The idea is the easy part.

I need to do this. I have to. I can’t not.

From sacrifice comes meaning, from struggle comes purpose.

You don’t have to be a genius to make genius – you just have to have small moments of brilliance – and edit out the boring stuff.

Don’t make stuff that looks, sounds, reads and performs like everything else in the field today.

The best art divides the audience.

You want to provoke a reaction – it’s a sign you’re forging ahead.

2 thoughts on “I Need To Do This. I Have To. I Can’t Not. – Things From The Pages Of My Notebook”

  1. Lamia Vox! That is one artist I need to get caught up on. There are some great uploads of her playing live in Moscow in January 2012 with some weird old movies playing on the screen behind her.
    “Keep warm” – should be easy with this hot weather going on, although there are still many retail stores that insist on having the AC on at unhealthily frigid levels.

    1. OOOOOOOO! I’ll have to look those up. ❤ I'm sorry it's taken me ages to get back to you by the way. DAMN LIFE! Yeah, it was a bit of a 'duh' moment when I wrote that piece of advice down about keeping warm!

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