Review : The Ghastling – Book One

Now, where did I first see The Ghastling...I think it was over on Instagram but I can't exactly be sure. All I know is that suddenly it was in my life, and I burnt my fingers typing in my bank account details to purchase the first book in the five book series. I had a… Continue reading Review : The Ghastling – Book One

Review : Sabat Magazine – The Mother Issue

I ritualistically put some water on the stove to make some tea, tidied the shit off my desk (the kitchen table) and lit two white candles in preparation for writing this review of Sabat Magazine : The Mother Issue. It’s an extra special publication, so deserves extra special attention. When I first discovered Sabat  –… Continue reading Review : Sabat Magazine – The Mother Issue

Review of Hex Magazine (Issue 1)

Giving a voice to the modern heathen household I came across this fantastic, bi-annual, print publication after a long, long search through other, mostly mediocre journals and blogs, and what a find. I’m so glad I persisted. It’s like when a walk on the beach in the rain turns into a really special occasion. When… Continue reading Review of Hex Magazine (Issue 1)

Black Forest Magazine – Review

Black Forest Records is a record distribution company based in Otta, Norway, and the aim of their publication, Black Forest Magazine is to champion the bands and people they’ve worked with. There is no scheduled release date for the magazine – it’s out when it’s done.  Black Forest Magazine has an appealing, clean layout with… Continue reading Black Forest Magazine – Review