Wyrd Words & Effigies Magazine : 5 Days Left To Submit

Folks, please make an old woman happy and submit art work or writing OR both for the relaunch issue of Wyrd Words And Effigies magazine!!! You have 7 days left to submit. I want to build this up to be the premier dark arts and literary mag out there...

Blogging In The Dark : Grimoire

Okay, so while Grimoire isn't necessarily a blog per se, I want to include it here anyway because it's one of the best things I've seen all week and it deserves to be furiously blogged about. I stumbled across it entirely by accident, like with most things of this ilk. It was another occasion where… Continue reading Blogging In The Dark : Grimoire

Review & Interview: The City Fox Literary E-Zine

When I first heard about The City Fox literary e-zine, I felt my face work its way into that special Joker-esque grin I do when something excites me. ‘...specializing in the publication of dark, flora and fauna inspired poetry, prose and artwork....’ Oh yes, oh yes!   I thought it would be interesting to hear… Continue reading Review & Interview: The City Fox Literary E-Zine