The Last Of The Darkest Days – Befana, Belsnickel And The Witch & The Fox

Befana Belsnickel The Witch & The Fox While I'm not particularly happy with the last three images of this project (I've been feeling uninspired and frustrated the last few days and it's felt difficult to create) The Witch & The Fox has a particular significance for me. During it's creation, I was thinking of all… Continue reading The Last Of The Darkest Days – Befana, Belsnickel And The Witch & The Fox

The Darkest Days – Christmas Ghosts

I was very small when I first read the story about the Christmas Ghosts, and I've encountered dozens of different versions in the thirty odd years since I first scared myself witless with it. The tale haunted me then, and I find it just as gloriously chilling today. The story I'm going to share with… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Christmas Ghosts

The Darkest Days – Feeding The Dead

Something that I've discovered during my Darkest Days journey, and that I haven't been able to stop thinking about, is the age old tradition in Scandinavia of leaving food out for the dead on Christmas Eve. (I know mince pies aren't tradition in the Far North but I didn't have any pepparkakor or lutefisk to… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Feeding The Dead

The Darkest Days – Jack Frost

While researching into Jack Frost, I found out that if you didn't praise the art he left on the window panes, you'd have to face his wrath...which could involve being led astray in sub zero temperatures. This led me to create the following poem. It's a very rough first draft, so please bear with me!… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Jack Frost

The Darkest Days – The Snow Maiden

'...she was a creature of ice and snow and could not survive the warmth she felt in her heart. With the faintest sigh, she began to melt. As they stepped from the forest into the rays of the sun, Lel went to hold Snegurochka but, as he did so, her feet melted beneath her; she… Continue reading The Darkest Days – The Snow Maiden

The Darkest Days – Nuuttipukki's back to Finnish lore. I think I first heard about Nuuttipukki (it's impossible for me to write Nuuttipukki without referring back to Google search to make sure I've got it right.) when a member of the Folk Horror Revival Group (Not in? Come join! It's the best place on the internet!) posted some fabulous… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Nuuttipukki

I Am Healing My Life Through Photography

I spent most of the past two years in a depression so deep and dark I never imagined I’d be able to claw myself out. My creativity fled quietly and quickly. My mind, which was always teeming with ideas, was deserted. Days, which were once busy and beautiful and inspired, became dismal and distressing and… Continue reading I Am Healing My Life Through Photography

The Darkest Days – Deer Mother

I can remember when I was told Father Christmas and his flying reindeer didn’t exist. I was eight and it was Christmas Eve. My auntie said she needed to have a word with me about something and took me into her room. When she closed the door behind us, I knew it was serious. I… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Deer Mother