William Crisafi

The artwork of New England based, multidisciplinary artist William Crisafi reminds me of the illustrations I would find in children’s books that my Granddad would discover at carboot sales. He was a top rooter and dug right to the bottom of damp cardboard boxes. My Granddad also knew how to haggle, and would come away with books for a few pennies.

When I was a young one, in the late 80’s early 90’s, children were exposed to different, more beautiful horrors than today. I think the kids alive nowadays, the ones who fail to blink twice at beheadings on YouTube, would shrink away in fear if they encountered the sorts of folklore and fairytales that I would – and still do – enjoy.

10273657_596449240451178_5231837327142240866_n 10439431_627767157319386_1186916398013856186_n 10441399_626309677465134_6628164705821011766_n 10492196_635519109877524_3374650076226824752_n 10509703_635519093210859_3104711782046684158_n 10462565_624015557694546_5705726228721657920_n

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