Dress Me In Horror : Part II

Here we are for part II of this new series…if you haven’t checked out the first post, you can do so here.

I haven’t had any ‘shut up and take my money’ fashion moments in horror recently. Which is kind of sad, but then again the horror I’ve been indulging in hasn’t really called for costumes to literally die for, i.e. The Reef (WATCH!), Blair Witch (WATCH!) and Insidious Chapter 2 (DON’T WATCH!). If you asked me what the characters had worn in these, you’d just get a shrugged shoulder.

But, I have Beetlejuice to fall back on, and the still ‘quite fresh’ film The Witch, which, if you haven’t had the chance to see, I urge you to get it on your screen.

Beetlejuice – Lydia’s Hat


I’m not so sure what the hell Tim Burton is up to nowadays, but everything he’s casting out into the world is weak. Really, fucking weak. But fortunately, we still have the masterpieces from his gloriously dark days…including Beetlejuice.

Lydia Deetz was my role model when I was first venturing into the goth other-world, with her bizarrely enviable eye bags and plague pallor. I also wanted that hat so fucking badly. (I wasn’t all that struck on the fringe though, I could take or leave that.)

Get The Look

I’ve been trawling the web trying to find the perfect wide brimmed hat that could do justice to what’s probably my favourite scene and fashion moment in the entire film. As it happens, I kept on going back to this beauty from Sisters of the Black Moon and Milli Star.

While Tundra IV – handcrafted from wool felt – is more than I currently have in my bank account, I’m pretty fucking convinced it’s worth the dough. I mean look at that brim folks, just look at it! 

The Witch – Thomasin’s Dress


You know when you watch a film and you think to yourself, ‘this was clearly made just for me…’ yeah? That’s how I felt when I watched The Witch. Despite all the INSANE hype on Instagram, I still felt it was kind of just mine.

Anyway, one of the best things about the film is the costumes, especially Thomasina’s dress which I’ve developed what could be called an unhealthy obsession with. The costume designer learned a shit load about 17th Century clothing, so she was able to faithfully recreate what pilgrims would have worn back then. (For a deeply insightful interview with costume designer Linda Murr, head here.)

Get The Look

Finding something familiar to the dress Thomasina wore wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, but I did find this 100% linen Travertine Stripped Dress from Copenhagen based Aleksandr Manamis, which has a number of similar features and will be, no doubt, slightly more comfortable and flattering.





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