Intriguing Instas : The Yellow Wallpaper

So, you’ll all know about my obsession with embroidery. And believe me, it’s only going to get stronger so if you’ve had enough, better to back off now.

For those of you still here, you’re in for a treat! I’ve been lurking around Instagram on the hunt for embroidery to get my creative juices flowing, and I landed uponΒ  The Yellow Wallpaper.

Exhibiting painfully gorgeous, macabre needlework inspired by gothic Victoriana, death customs & pagan traditions, The Yellow Wallpaper is one of those Instagram accounts which makes me glad I decided to stick around and not delete my account. I’m also there for all the fascinating things in-between the stitching…

Currently, I’m predicting how many hours work I’m going to be able to get done during the rest of the week since my discovery. My prediction is 0.

I’m also going to be putting away a few krona a week into The Yellow Wallpaper fund because Rebecca, the talent behind this glorious dark craft has a shop!

Which piece are you smitten with?

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