The Witches Mark

I don't think it's actually possible for me to love The Witches Mark Etsy store more than I do now. Based in Canada, The Witch's Mark provides 'handmade Talisman's created with spirit and thoughtful intentions. Specifically made for all the lovely Witches out there! Whether a practicing Witch, or just someone who seeks a special… Continue reading The Witches Mark

Sovrin : Mannaz Eco Draped Hooded Cardigan

I've been following the work of US based fashion label Sovrin for a fair few years now. Everything that they have released I would wear in a heartbeat, including this Mannaz Eco Draped Hooded Cardigan. Featuring Mannaz, the rune which symbolizes creativity and intelligence, this soft garment comes with a draped shawl collar which doubles… Continue reading Sovrin : Mannaz Eco Draped Hooded Cardigan

Interview : Ovate

There is a real air of mysticism around Audrey Cantwell, the women behind independent clothing line Ovate, and I feel exceptionally lucky that she agreed to take part in an interview for Wyrd Words & Effigies. When Wyrd Words & Effigies was still in the planning stages, I had it in my head that I… Continue reading Interview : Ovate

Review of Hex Magazine (Issue 1)

Giving a voice to the modern heathen household I came across this fantastic, bi-annual, print publication after a long, long search through other, mostly mediocre journals and blogs, and what a find. I’m so glad I persisted. It’s like when a walk on the beach in the rain turns into a really special occasion. When… Continue reading Review of Hex Magazine (Issue 1)