All Those Summer Nightmares : Self-Portraits June/July/August

This devastatingly hot summer is one I would rather forget for reasons I’ll inevitably discuss with a therapist. Depression has his heavy paws on my shoulders, so I don’t have what it takes today to really talk about my photographic journey these past few months.

Also, WordPress has fucked around with the editing functions since I was last here, so I’ve no idea what I’m doing. I’m just smashing at my keyboard and hoping for the best.

However, I will say that I’m not especially happy with how I’ve come on as a photographer. I haven’t put the time into developing the skills I need to create the ‘stop you in your tracks’ self-portraits I want to be making. But I have an excuse for my lack of creative self-development: I found out early in June that my now ex-partner had been unfaithful. And that was just the tip of the humungous iceberg that would upend my entire life.

But there are four months left of this (mostly) dreadful year, and I’d like to think I can end it by coming back here and showing you some radical ways I’ve progressed. For now, though, here’s a selection of self-portraits. They were all shot on the moors and in the forest a few minutes from where I live in North Yorkshire.

*I’ve yet to invest in a wireless remote because I’ve had trouble finding one compatible with my camera, so I had ten seconds to get into position for each photo.

* I have prints for sale at my Etsy shop A Wyrd Of Her Own. A shop update, which will include prints of these portraits, will happen soon.

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