July’s Self-Portraits

Today has not been a good day. If I were in a better frame of mind, I would have much to say about what I thought was a shoddy month of capturing myself. But, as it transpires, I managed to get a fair amount of imagery conjured up. I overuse the word ‘conjured.’ I need to find an alternative before posting August’s self-portraits. However, I’m in a ‘today can go fuck itself to death’ frame of mind, so I’m just going to leave some photos here for you to enjoy (?) I hope they creep you out.

3 thoughts on “July’s Self-Portraits”

  1. The one standing with the green back drop, print and to the wall.
    Thanks for your work!

  2. Oh! lucrurile cum vorbesc,
    Și-n pace nu vor să te lase:
    Iubire frantă te adoarme
    Pringrai aproape omenesc.
    Tu le crezu moarte,și trăiesc
    Împrăștiate-n orice minte__
    Oh! lucrurile cum vorbesc,
    Și-n pace nu vor să te lase.
    Șî căte tu nu povestești
    Le lași în pusnicia lor retese:
    Cu tot ce sufletu-ți uitase
    Te -mbie sau te chinuiesc__
    Oh! lucrurile cum vorbesc.
    Eu scriu ,poate mai scrii și vrei să nu-ți vorbesc?

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