The Darkest Days – Mari Lwyd

I have only ever been to Wales once. It was well over fifteen years ago, but I can still remember being silenced by the tameless landscapes, the true dark of the sky, the uncanny feeling of it being a place of otherness. I’ve been meaning to go back for ages, and now, after reading into… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Mari Lwyd

The Darkest Days – The Wendigo

It's been about seven or eight years since I first wrote about the Wendigo and my curiosity about this intriguing cannibalistic spirit of the cold north shows no sign of diminishing. I initially wrote a poem called My Father The Wendigo, which then inspired a song, which then inspired a short story. However, despite being… Continue reading The Darkest Days – The Wendigo


I’ve finally got around to narrating my short story UTBURD and have put it up on YouTube for your listening pleasure. For those of you unfamiliar with this tale, it tells of a mother in olden time Scandinavia who abandons her newborn in the forest. However, the child finds its way home… If you really… Continue reading UTBURD : A SHORT STORY

Wyrd Words Book Club : We Don’t Go Back

Of all the titles of all the books I've read this year (nearing 60 now) I think We Don't Go Back is my favourite. And the cover...THE COVER YOU GUYS! Normally I'm not one for overly colourful cover art, but this has all the right feels. I'm racing to finish The Familiars by Stacey Halls… Continue reading Wyrd Words Book Club : We Don’t Go Back

Wyrd Words Book Club : The Fiends In The Furrows

I haven't been able to read much recently - my concentration has been dire - but slowly, slowly it's starting to return to some kind of normality. In the excitement of this happening, I went and bought the Kindle version of The Fiends In The Furrows : An Anthology Of Folk Horror. It's made up… Continue reading Wyrd Words Book Club : The Fiends In The Furrows

My New Book ‘My Heart Is A Forest’ Is Now Available

My new book, My Heart Is A Forest is now available in paperback and on Kindle! It's made up of my strongest poems from the past ten years. A father kills an elusive pale fox and pays for the death with his sanity. The Barghest, Black Annis and other dark creatures of British folklore comfort… Continue reading My New Book ‘My Heart Is A Forest’ Is Now Available