The Woods Do Not Want Us Here – New Song From Cave Mouth

If you’re wondering why I don’t post as much music here as I used to, it’s because I have, along with my Sister Shaman and bandmate Meghan Wood (AKA Crown Of Asteria – check her out), a blog called A Hex On Your Head where we share music most days. Psst…between you and me, there’s an exciting interview coming soon over there, so get those eyes peeled.

Funny bit of trivia for you. I took this photograph a few weeks ago in the woods that backed onto the village where I lived from the age of 7 to 15. When I was 13, I watched the Blair Witch Project for the first time and was, for quite a few weeks, scared as fuck to go into the woods alone, convinced I wouldn’t leave alive. Now look who’s the witch…

Now, back to the topic at hand. The other day saw the release of the new Cave Mouth single The Woods Do Not Want Us Here. The song started life with the lyric ‘we are in so deep, the birds have stopped singing,’ and took a twisty turny path to become about a couple staggering through some ancient woods, desperate to find their abducted newborn son before his kidnapper, a witch, uses his fat for her flying ointment.

Cave Mouth

My friend Nafre (you’ll have seen his name here before if you’re a long term reader. He’s a wise soul.) has some kind things to say about the song, some of which I’ll post because I’m PROUD.

“The title hooked me, spiritually. No, the woods (or the swamp, or the tundra) do not want to share « here » with us… And your voice is really great: graceful for a mistaken instant, menacing throughout. The poem I read as a lament at once ancient and modern, with interpretations for both meanings. And Meaghan hits it, especially with that violin. Again: I fucking love it.

Just to extrapolate some more on my personal reading: the first line there I read on the tails of two news pieces my wife shared with me, one about chemicals raining down on the Great Lakes area, the other about the tainted waters in Saskatchewan getting the fish hooked on crystal meth. « The Woods Do Not Want Us » followed by « We are in too deep » makes me think, we are indeed in too deep in this disrespect of Nature, against whom we blasphemed, who will now curse us—to whom our newborn children will have to be given for a reclaiming magick of the Dark…” – Nafre

May The Woods Do Not Want Us Here unsettle your Sunday!

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