The Dark Has Teeth

The other week I was talking about how I’d said goodbye to depression and how I hoped it would be a while before we met once again. Well. I had a mere five days or so without it. In my head, I was imagining that it would be months and months until we crossed paths again.

In the short time that I had as a free woman, I managed to write several songs (as you’ll know if you’ve been following my previous posts) with the intention of releasing a new album with my band Cave Mouth ASAP.

And today we’ve done it. We’ve released our second full-length, titled ‘The Dark Has Teeth.’ I wish I could tell you all about the inspiration behind each track, but right now I’m really struggling to write anything at all. (I’m hoping that’ll change in the coming weeks, and Ill be able to talk you through the whole album.) So I’m just going to leave it here for you to experience and hopefully enjoy. If you’d rather listen to it on Bandcamp, you’ll find the link here.

1 thought on “The Dark Has Teeth”

  1. I’m enjoying the stringed instruments and all the other sounds that make the accompaniment both interesting and moody. The stories being told are a merging of old stories and types with new ones being made. These songs are successful laboring, born.

    I’m sorry you’re not writing at the moment (I’m saying at the moment in hope). I trust the freedom will return. Not that your experience is mine, but I’ve been suffering from an infection lately plus a lack of medication for depression (thanks to a slip of the insurance company). I’m looking forward to better days.

    With all that’s happening near and fear, my wish is that you are safe and well and better.

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