Crimson Hollow

Do you ever find Etsy stores which have so much stuff that you feel overwhelmed, yet simultaneously eager to discover everything they have to offer? Well, that's how I felt when I encountered Crimson Hollow. Mum and daughter team Shelly and Emily make up Crimson Hollow and provide beautiful, unique and very affordable hand stamped… Continue reading Crimson Hollow

Bring The Stars Back With You

My head has been too busy recently, and sleep is something I'm not too familiar with, so I slipped in love with these double sided throw pillow covers from Belles & Ghosts. Designed with a soothing, chalk grey fabric and smatterings of stars, they're easy and gentle on the senses.          … Continue reading Bring The Stars Back With You

Her skull? It’s on the wall

You know those hundreds of tea lights you have shoved at the back of the cupboard? Well, here's the perfect excuse to take them out of the dark and get them giving some light. This skull sconce candle holder, with a dirty steel finish is cast in solid plaster. The creator was inspired to make… Continue reading Her skull? It’s on the wall