Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

Belgrade based dark ambient project Paleowolf has been my sound of the day several times before, and for good reason – the music crafted is sonic perfection.

This morning I stumbled across Megafauna Rituals, the project’s 4th full-length album, and it’s providing the soundtrack to my entire wednesday. How there can be just one man behind this is just fucking incredible.

Fourth full length album by Paleowolf. Prehistoric tribal ambient, shamanic invocation of the ancient Ice age animal Totems, gigantic wildlife of the 150.000-9.000 BC, collectively known as Megafauna.

Early history of the planet Earth was ripe with lifeforms that may well go beyond our imagination. Still, animal world lost to our knowledge and percepetion is not lost to our collective unconscious and genetic memory.

There was once a magnificent and glorious time when giants walked the Earth. Colossal wildlife roamed the Ice Age tundras and steppes while early Hominids watched in awe. Impressions that these glorious beings, powerful specimens of mother Nature, made to the newborn minds of Ice Age humans was tremendous.

Prehistoric artist-shaman carves the lines and draws the glyphs in the cave walls, creating a Totem of the Megafauna, inviting the mighty ancestral energies of the Wild to take hold of tribe’s life and destiny. The tribe chants and meditates in unison, summoning the Great Feral spirit of Nature. – Paleowolf/Bandcamp

At the moment, I’m totally obsessing over the track Sabertooth. It gives me everything I want in a song and I’m addicted to the feeling it gives me, that I’m actually ‘back there’ on the Ice Age tundras, trying to hide my heartbeat from a roaming Sabertooth.

When it comes to conjuring an atmosphere, one that will stay with you long, long after the song has lapsed into silence, you ought to let Peleowolf be your guide.

I interviewed the man at the helm in case you’re interested in learning more about the origins of the project.

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