The Release Day Of HEX

Today has been one of those days where I’ve been scanning the horizon, looking for someone to come kill me. Nobody came, which is a good thing because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to experience this deep sense of pride for the release of Cave Mouth’s debut album HEX.

For those of you not in the know – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, EXACTLY? – Cave Mouth is the transatlantic band that dark music extraordinaire Meghan Wood and I launched a couple of months back.

Meghan wrote some beautiful and special things about the album, which you can read. Also, if you click on the album image, you’ll be taken straight to Bandcamp where you can listen to it and, if you wish to, purchase it for your collection.

“Hex” is now available. Katie Metcalfe and I have invoked a dark little folk storybook full of heady soundscapes and at times lucid ballads and lullabies (Pale Fox, Cry) . Katie’s voice swirls and dances on dark textured layers haunting one after another coercing melodies to entwine. Adding an electronic touch, it brings about the old meets new feeling. Somber beats throughout appear to tender the darkness. At times the music takes the forefront at other times the vocals carry these spellbinding exotic tales. We sought to make a grimoire of literary musings and shamanistic summonings, we hope you enjoy them. Tapes coming soon at Akashic Envoy Records!

Cave Mouth presents you with the full length “Hex”. Hex is the culmination of folk-lore horrors, misty forests, swamps, and hovels hidden in encapsulating darkness. It is the mystic landscapes of lore, whispering incantations and blood penned books. We are here to cast circles, to tell tales, to invoke the old ones and sing to the moon. We are here to put a Hex on your Head.

5 thoughts on “The Release Day Of HEX”

  1. this is one of the most beautiful albums i’ve ever heard. please, please keep making music. this project is the magic the world needs.

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