Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

Belgrade based dark ambient project Paleowolf has been my sound of the day several times before, and for good reason - the music crafted is sonic perfection. This morning I stumbled across Megafauna Rituals, the project's 4th full-length album, and it's providing the soundtrack to my entire wednesday. How there can be just one man… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

Sound Of The Day : Gaetir, The Mountainkeeper

The man behind such great solo musical projects as Paleowolf and Temple of Gnosis brings to us another sensational musical endeavour. Inspired by Norse mythology and the mythic ages of old, Gaetir, The Mountainkeeper is a combination of neofolk, ritual ambient, doom metal and epic neo classical. I am loving every thing I have heard… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Gaetir, The Mountainkeeper

Prometheus Art & Design

Sometimes people come into my life and their talent, enthusiasm and drive makes me want to shout out to the world 'come and see what this creative soul has to offer! They deserve your time and attention!' This is one such time and the individual is Alexander Wolf, the man behind musical endeavours such as… Continue reading Prometheus Art & Design

Interview : Paleowolf

Paleowolf is the sort of music project that comes along once in a blue moon, and as much as Facebook annoys me a lot of the time, I have to thank it for introducing me to this beautiful, transcendental endeavour. During my first read thorough of the interview you're about the encounter, my smile threatened… Continue reading Interview : Paleowolf

Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

One of my favourite discoveries of late is Paelowolf, an ambient, ritualistic project hailing from Belgrade. Paleowolf harnesses the power of old, to present music which lifts you out of your current day existence, and drops you into the primitive world of the prehistoric hunter-gatherers.  The track you're about to listen to is entitled Wold… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf