Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

Belgrade based dark ambient project Paleowolf has been my sound of the day several times before, and for good reason - the music crafted is sonic perfection. This morning I stumbled across Megafauna Rituals, the project's 4th full-length album, and it's providing the soundtrack to my entire wednesday. How there can be just one man… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

Sound Of The Day : Lisa Cuthbert

I bloody bloody bloody love it when my readers suggest stuff for me to listen to. Most recently I've been shown in the direction of Lisa Cuthbert. a musician based in Berlin.  Her (beautifully creepy) Bandcamp page, she describes her sound as... "Ritualistic, electronic doom from the Hex-cave." I've just had chance to listen to… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Lisa Cuthbert

Sound Of The Day : Kabukimono

It was the goddess of dark blogging Renee Ruin who introduced me to the ambient, ritualistic sounds of Kabukimono. Since yesterday I've been listening to nothing but her release Strega. Seriously, I can't stop myself. I've been fucking enchanted. It is, hands down, one of the best things I have EVER heard, especially the track… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Kabukimono

Sound Of The Day : Forndom

I've been an admirer of multi-talented Swedish artist Forndom (formally known as Heathen Harnow, you can read an interview here) for a long time. It was his photographic work which initially enchanted me, and then, when he started to compose music, I fell in love with that too. The track you're about to experience is… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Forndom

Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

One of my favourite discoveries of late is Paelowolf, an ambient, ritualistic project hailing from Belgrade. Paleowolf harnesses the power of old, to present music which lifts you out of your current day existence, and drops you into the primitive world of the prehistoric hunter-gatherers.  The track you're about to listen to is entitled Wold… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

Sound Of The Day : La Breiche

I am constantly on the search for ritualistic sounds that satisfy this very particular soul of mine, so when I was introduced to French project La Breiche the other day, I was ecstatic. Formed by the co-founders of Stille Volk, La Breiche is 'guided by the need to illustrate the inspiring strength of nature,' and… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : La Breiche

Sound Of The Day : Anilah And Wardruna

I very nearly posted this last night, I was so excited...but, like a good, patient (ha) blogger I waited. What you are about to hear is an unbelievably beautiful, incredibly powerful collaboration between two immensely talented musical projects. Multi-talented musician Dréa Drury of Anilah worked together with Einar Selvik of Wardruna to re-work Druy's intense… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Anilah And Wardruna