The Wyrd Sounds Of January

There was a point last year where I thought I'd probably never be able to listen to music again. It was the bleakest of times. So I made up for it in January and listened to as much as I could. I'd say I listened to more music in that month than I listened to… Continue reading The Wyrd Sounds Of January

Sound Of The Day : Gloosh

Thank you Black Metal Promotion for the introduction to Gloosh. I'm currently obsessing over the project's phenomenal debut album Timewheel. I think my favourite track on the album has to be the very first offering, Vjkhr. The opening knocks the breath out of me. The music of "Gloosh" is black metal of a classical form… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Gloosh

Sound Of The Day : Crown Of Asteria

Meghan Wood, of atmospheric black metal project Crown Of Asteria, has to be one of THE most productive musicians out there. Seriously. And everything, everything she offers to the world is mesmerizingly good. I have been listening to her latest release Haruspex since yesterday, and folks, I just can't turn it off. All of the music… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Crown Of Asteria

Sound Of The Day : Sadness

I went in search of the origins of the Atmospheric BM band Sadness after I'd been swept up by Tundra, the 18th release since the birth of the project in 2014. I was expecting to see a wealth of names attached to the Sadness Metal Archives page, and nearly spat out my tea to see… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Sadness

Sound Of The Day : The Wanderer

This morning I had my very first encounter with Australian black metal project The Wanderer and their 2015 compilation Aura Nocturnal & Mysterium. The minimalist approach of this release is a good accompaniment to my sleepy Sunday morning.

Sound Of The Day : Shadowland I came across Russian Atmospheric black metal project Shadowland recently. Formed in 2014 this one man project has already put out FOURTEEN releases, including FOUR full-length releases. Today I've been listening to the most recent full-length Last Night, Before The Storm...and it's pretty fucking exquisite. If you like Lustre but want something with a… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Shadowland

Sound Of The Day : Galdr

I encountered this extraordinary feeling of satisfaction as I listened to Trolldom och Sorg by one man atmospheric black metal project Galdr. It's hard to image just one person behind this impenetrable wall of sound and all consuming atmosphere. Now, don't listen to this track and then leave it at that. Listen and then investigate… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Galdr