Getting Dressed In The Dark : Barbara I Gongini Shaggy Coat

I am forever in awe of Copenhagen based (very) luxury (although I wish it wasn’t so much luxury, so that I’d be actually able to afford something sometime) avant garde clothing giant Barbara I Gongini.

Usually I’m pretty good with keeping up to date with the most recent dark fashion, but there is ALWAYS something new coming from this Faroese designer, and my heart bleeds much over her innovative designs.

I’m signed up to the Barbara I Gongini newsletter, and the other day caught sight of the latest winter arrivals, including this shaggy coat which retails at 1,260 Euros. Readers, my heart bled buckets for it.

Have you ever bought something from Barbara I Gongini? If you have, I’d love to hear about your experience buying from the label, and what it was you bought.






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