Sound Of The Day : Ragana

I haven't been listening to much recently. Game Of Thrones Season Six Soundtrack and that's about it. So I've been trying to gather up what I've been missing. I start to feel 'off' if I go for a while without running into some new sounds. Feeling hot, bothered and a bit desperate earlier on today,… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Ragana

Sound Of The Day : Lisa Cuthbert

I bloody bloody bloody love it when my readers suggest stuff for me to listen to. Most recently I've been shown in the direction of Lisa Cuthbert. a musician based in Berlin.  Her (beautifully creepy) Bandcamp page, she describes her sound as... "Ritualistic, electronic doom from the Hex-cave." I've just had chance to listen to… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Lisa Cuthbert

Sound Of The Day : Björk

Vulnicura is, I think, of Björk's greatest achievements. The word 'masterpiece' was created for that fucking album, I tell you. Whenever Björk so much as breathes I'm there... At the moment I'm all over her video for Notget, the 6th track on Vulcinara. The song, for a start, is just layer upon layer of perfection,… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Björk

Sound Of The Day : Völur

I'm not exactly sure what's happened in the past few months, but I've discovered hardly anything darkly brilliant enough to indulge my senses in. That was until I came across Völur today, after a brief visit to YouTube to see if they had anything in the way of offerings. Their folk inspired doom is so… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Völur

Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

One of my favourite discoveries of late is Paelowolf, an ambient, ritualistic project hailing from Belgrade. Paleowolf harnesses the power of old, to present music which lifts you out of your current day existence, and drops you into the primitive world of the prehistoric hunter-gatherers.  The track you're about to listen to is entitled Wold… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Paleowolf

Sound Of The Day : Fornhem

Today was a wasted, stressful day...up until Fornhem entered it. This Swedish black metal project is exactly what I need right now to shed all my gathered angst and frustration. The track you are about to hear is taken from the band's up-coming album, set to be released this year. I honestly think it's one of… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Fornhem